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Home Diary When dad vs the hedge goes all wrong…

When dad vs the hedge goes all wrong…

Published on July 19, 2015, by in Diary, July, Through the year.

It was time once again to set about the big hedge that runs across our Devon gardenĀ separating the top lawn from the vegetable area beyond. In truth, it would have been time several weeks ago as growth has been spectacular but there is always something else that needs doing at the weekend and we were worried about birds nesting and so on.

Anyway, this weekend the sun was out and I was determined to cut it down to size. It also meant I got to use my new petrol multi-tool with hedge cutter attachment and see if it was any good (the brush cutter had already been tested and done well).

All started well but at some stage, with confidence probably starting to get the better of me, I missteppedĀ on the ladder platform and, as the say, the rest is history…

dad v the hedge

Still, I was not to be beaten and with a little help from Henry (yes, revenge for the photo), we licked it into some kind of shape by the end of the weekend.


Now we’ve only got another five or six hedges to sort and everything will be looking properly trim.

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