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Vegetable garden update

Published on July 6, 2012, by in Diary.

Despite nearly continuous rain, the vegetable garden is doing well. Current highlights are raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, black currents, pak choi, cucumbers, tomatoes and my first melon!

I’m picking a minimum of a pound of raspberries and half a pound of strawberries a day. I’m freezing at least half of the raspberries and we’re either eating or cooking the rest. If it keeps on going this way we will need to buy a bigger freezer!

I have just planted out 18 newly arrived PSB plants. Fingers crossed that the slugs don’t get to them while they’re too small to fend for themselves. Virtually all of my lettuces in the veg patch have been eaten, while the ones in the pots are thriving – something to remember for the future.

We have one courgette, some broad beans and peas developing nicely. I need to dig up the chard and parsley which is bolting and resow.

My aim is to provide all of our veg from the garden – I’d say we’re half way there. Not bad for our first year!

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