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Midsummer Cottage grapes

Published on November 17, 2013, by in Diary, November.

I’ve only photographed these when they are past their best (and the focus is dreadful on the picture), but we had a amazing crop of grapes this year – far more than last year…

600 px Grapes


October 2013 reference shots

We survived the October storm pretty well but the garden is looking pretty shaggy and shabby – we need to get out with the hedge trimmers before we completely lose control (and I think we said that last month as well). Just need a dry spell!


September 2013 reference shots

Everywhere you look something needs strimming, trimming, clipping or picking!


August reference shots


The bees are loving the artichokes

Published on August 21, 2013, by in Diary.

All the artichoke flowers seem to be full of bees at the moment…

Artichoke flowers and bees


Happy days

A lovely sunflower looking magnificent on a beautiful late August day here in Bratton Clovelly, West Devon…


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