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July 2013 reference shots

A largely hot and dry July has taken a bit of a toll on our West Devon lawns but no one here is complaining…

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June 2013 reference shots

The summer has been very hit and miss so far here in West Devon but everything is growing really quickly at the moment – more like a jungle than a garden in places!

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May 2013 reference shots

Everything’s coming to life now but we need to get to grips with it or we’re going to be overrun…

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April 2013 reference shots

It may be late, but Spring is definitely showing up now in the garden here in West Devon…

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March 2013 reference shots

Still looking pretty bleak at the end of a cold and fairly dry month…

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February 2013 reference shots

All looking very bleak and bare apart from the crocuses starting to appear in the orchard…

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