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31st May 2014 reference shots

Loads of colour and activity in the garden here in Bratton Clovelly, West Devon, as we reach the last day of May. Sadly, that includes the length of the grass – which is at a week overdue on being cut and growing like crazy – but I’ll blame the rain last weekend for that…

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January 2014 reference shots

These pictures were taken on a rare dry (and even for a moment sunny) break from the relentless rain and wind. A light coating of snow from yesterday evening is still visible on Dartmoor but generally the temperatures have remained relatively mild.

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December 2013 reference shots

Fairly mild so far but very wet and windy…


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November 2013 reference shots

All starting to look a bit dreary now…


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September 2013 reference shots

Everywhere you look something needs strimming, trimming, clipping or picking!

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August reference shots

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