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Home Diary August review and thoughts for next year

August review and thoughts for next year

Published on September 2, 2012, by in Diary, Jobs-to-do.

August was, yet again, a virtual wash-out and, including a week away, not much was accomplished. The weeds are horrendous and I’m seriously considering a no dig strategy. Where the ground has been dug, lots of new weeds have germinated.

The cabbage white have invaded my brassicas and the newly hatched caterpillars are happily munching away. Urgent work needed! Next year I must use fine netting to protect them. I am contemplating a late sowing to see if I can get some more established before winter. The slugs have been appalling too.

Good things in the vegetable garden have been pumpkins, courgettes, lettuces (surprisingly!), tomatoes, cucumbers (greenhouse), French, runner and broad beans, sunflowers, chilies (greenhouse) and beetroot. The sweet peas started well, but now look decidedly brown and unhappy – so too the calendula – what happened there?

Not to be repeated are peas, ocra, aubergines and pak choi.

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