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A Sunny Sunday!

Published on June 24, 2012, by in Diary.

Today the sun shone and I managed to spend a few very pleasurable hours in the garden. All of the rain we’ve had has helped the weeds to grow and the slugs to attack. I’ve lost a few runner beans and beetroot to them, as well as many strawberries! I need to think again on that front for next year. Pots/greenhouse maybe?

The cucumbers and melon in the greenhouse are thriving and we have lots of flowers. I think I need to pollinate the melon as it’s flowering, but no fruit are forming. I spotted our first tomato on a tumbling plant, which is very exciting. The poor chilis are not happy and are covered in greenfly – needs sorting!

I planted out a few sunflowers and lettuces from the greenhouse into the vegetable patch. Fingers crossed that the slugs won’t get to them! Hannah joined me to sow some parsnips, radishes and beetroot on her own! Let’s hope they grow to help keep her interest up. I also sowed some cabbages, spring onions and nasturtiums. The latter as companion plants for the cabbages. They are supposed to deter the cabbage white butterfly. Alison reccomends enviormesh to cover all brassicas for the entire growing season.

As an experiment, I’ve planted out some cosmos and polyanthus into the gravel area by the garage. I may well be deluding myself, but am hopeful that the slugs won’t get to them!

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