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Cuttings experiment

Published on July 31, 2012, by in Diary.

While tidying up some planters recently I decided to have a go at making more plants. I’ve taken cuttings from a dianthus, a wallflower and a rose I had to move – a shot in the dark. I wait in trepidation to see if they will root. I also divided a favourite primula into ten new plants – fantastic if they take! It’s all very exciting! I’m now on the hunt for more likely suspects………

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Herb Garden Makeover

Published on July 30, 2012, by in Diary.

My lovely sister has been to stay and together we have transformed the herb garden from an overgrown mint and weed forest into an ordered and productive bed. We have contained the notorious spreaders, namely mint and marjoram in pots sunk into the ground. I now need to replace the rotten woodwork and put down bark chippings. Many hands really do make light work! Many many thanks Alison!

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Beetroot and artichokes – picked this morning, eaten at lunch

Published on July 27, 2012, by in Diary.

More Midsummer Cottage firsts for us today as Frances and her sister Alison harvested beetroot and artichokes from the garden this morning which were then served up as fresh as can be for lunch…

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Dartmoor through the artichokes

Published on July 24, 2012, by in Diary.

The weekend was glorious with wonderful sunshine and warmth. I’ve been out trying to tame the hedges, mow the grass and ¬†get through as much strimming as I can but there’s a lot more to be done.

Here’s a picture I took mid-job of a hazy view onto Dartmoor through the globe artichokes .

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Today’s fruit and vegetable harvest

Published on July 17, 2012, by in Diary.

A pretty good haul this morning including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, black currants, broad beans, peas and our first cucumber.

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Published on July 16, 2012, by in Diary.

At last we had a lovely dry, warm and generally sunny day in West Devon. After a morning out and about, some much needed work was completed in the garden with thanks especially to Wendy for her efforts.

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